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A Freelancer’s Isolation

I’m a workaholic. Or quickly becoming one. Being a freelancer can change the way your brain works, where you are always slightly hustling. I’ve hopefully managed to not always talk about my job, or constantly promote myself around people. Which can … Continue reading

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Miles to Go Before I Sleep

I’m in the process of several things right now. I’m currently working on 2 different blog posts, very similar in tone, but also very personal. They take time to work out. I’ve been piecing them both together for several weeks … Continue reading

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Oh, Bother Christopher Robin

Lately, i’ve found myself pondering and wondering. Much like Winnie-the–Pooh, I find myself thinking “thoughts of the day.” Yet, unlike our dear friend Pooh, I overthink each action I live out, each person I encounter. I live inside a world … Continue reading

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I Stood by the Bar, And I Drank the Kool-Aide

Last April (2013), I walked into a Crossfit Box close to my house, signed up, scared out of my mind, and joined the ranks of a fitness revolution. Or cult, as how many people not involved refer to it. I did … Continue reading

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Striking A Match

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.   – Maya Angelou I’ve always been obsessed with stories It’s been that way my whole life, sitting in my grandmother’s house listening to my dad and uncles tell … Continue reading

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