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Learning to Set Aside Wild Fear

I always wanted to stand out. Be extraordinary. Be outside the boxes of our culture. To not be boxed in, or bound by labels or ideas. I wanted to change the way the world viewed things, and not be afraid … Continue reading

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Who Sees You for Your Soul

Over the past few months, I’ve been tasked with reexamining what it is to be in different types of relationships. I’ve always observe how we interact, who it is we become attached to, and why some go by the way … Continue reading

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Oh, Bother Christopher Robin

Lately, i’ve found myself pondering and wondering. Much like Winnie-the–Pooh, I find myself thinking “thoughts of the day.” Yet, unlike our dear friend Pooh, I overthink each action I live out, each person I encounter. I live inside a world … Continue reading

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The Positive Side Effects

Every day we make a choice as to how our a day will feel like. We chose to be happy or upset, anxious or carefree; as much as our circumstances and attitudes allow us, that is. But much of my … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned in the Box

One month into cross fit What have I learned? That no matter what I do, I will probably never be satisfied with where I am. It is the hardest thing I’ve done, fitness-wise. i am intimidated every time i walk … Continue reading

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