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I Promise, I am Going to Piss You Off

I’m not good with words. Restatement: I’m not good with spoken, impromptu words. I am better with words written down, thought over, and edited into the best form of themselves. Not a text, nor a tweet, yet not a novel, … Continue reading

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Who is the Man in the Mirror?

There is a thought that constantly enters my conscious, about how it is that we affect those we interact around. How it is they see us, what it is that we bring into or take from their lives. Much like Jimmy … Continue reading

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Oh, Bother Christopher Robin

Lately, i’ve found myself pondering and wondering. Much like Winnie-the–Pooh, I find myself thinking “thoughts of the day.” Yet, unlike our dear friend Pooh, I overthink each action I live out, each person I encounter. I live inside a world … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss the Best in Life For the bits In Life

Since my senior year of college in 2005, I have watched this trend grow. It’s a topic that has been on my mind often, and continues to become a more natural as part of our everyday lives. We are a … Continue reading

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Summertime Songs

No matter your age, or where in life you are, there is something about the early summer that makes people always remember their youth. You want to revolt from your office, leave work a little early, feel the sun on … Continue reading

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