Learning to Set Aside Wild Fear

I always wanted to stand out. Be extraordinary. Be outside the boxes of our culture. To not be boxed in, or bound by labels or ideas. I wanted to change the way the world viewed things, and not be afraid of the consequences. I wanted to help people see things that they may not have seen otherwise.

That was what I wanted. It’s what I still want sometimes. I think it is what most people my age and younger feel. We are all the generation that was told we could be anything we wanted to be, and do anything we wanted to do. Some of us want fame and fortune, others that great adventurous love that was shown in Disney cartoons, and some wanted to be the next great generation to change the world and make it a better place for everyone in it.

Some of us are doing it. Some of us are making it. They’ve taken chances and made the world a great place, or seen the great places the world has to offer. Others are teetering on the ordinary life that makes each day go, and the extraordinary that makes stories happen. I live on that teeter, a fence that I spend much time on trying to decide what side is best for me. Mostly because I find myself too full of anxiety or fear about what would happen if stepped into the unknown and let chance happen. I’ve taken so many chances in my life, and pushed myself into a career I honestly thought I’d never get into, but I still feel that i’ve done very little or taken so few chances.

I’ve tried to break free from fears. I’ve attempted to recruit help in a way that will one day stick, one day last, and I’ll take adventures similar to those of Cheryl Strayed, or be as carefree as Jack Kerouac, to be my own person with little fear and little hesitation. To walk up to a stranger with the ability to carry on hours of conversation, and not stand like a shy wallflower waiting for the world to happen around me. To see the world, I must start with a step in a new direction, and to find excitement and adventure, I must first be willing to not be afraid of what could happen, and embrace it instead.

If you need some people who took control of their own, here’s a nice little list.


About chadwickray

Always looking for the next adventure. Mississippi roots, but Music City resident.
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