Love is Standing in Back

I work with amazing people.

It doesn’t matter what gig I’m on, there is always someone there who I am so grateful and blessed to work with. Just recently I got the chance to work with some of the best people and team I could ask for. These are people who know how to enjoy their job, enjoy the people they work with, and work together not because the job has to get done, but because the job is what we want to happen.

In the past few months, after years of pushing and fighting and trying to get work, I’ve been allowed into a small family at CMT. These are amazing people to work with and I was blessed to be able to help get this award show off the ground.

It was awesome to see the celebrities, to have the stories of the industry to pass along, and to do something really cool. But there is no better feeling in the world than to stand in the back of an arena, watching the thing you and dozens of people have spent days and energy to put together, watching hundreds of fans enjoy our work. We stand there dancing, goofing off, taking in the moments of what we have accomplished, proud.

These people are amazing. I look forward to working with each and every one again. We are a family in the trenches. We create the TV that millions watch. We don’t worry about the celebrities, we worry about each other, and about the enjoyment of fans.



About chadwickray

Always looking for the next adventure. Mississippi roots, but Music City resident.
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