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Striking A Match

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.   – Maya Angelou I’ve always been obsessed with stories It’s been that way my whole life, sitting in my grandmother’s house listening to my dad and uncles tell … Continue reading

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How do you choose an eReader?

I’m an avid reader. I’ve already stated as much in my last few posts. But until recently my reading got a slight blow. I broke my Kindle That’s right, the device i’d kept in my back pack for some time … Continue reading

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New List of (Modern) Books Every Man Should Read I’m a reader. I’ve always loved to read books, learn things, or just escape. I recently have become intrigued by all of these “Books you should read lists.” I’ve seen the Books every … Continue reading

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Is it Vanity to want luxury? Or a desire to just be who you are?

The idea is being a nobody my biggest fear. I want to be able to travel exclusively, dress in the best clothes, eat at the best places. I want to be invited to the swanky parties, have pictures taken in … Continue reading

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So the Journey Begins

I was always cautious. No reason to be aside from the fact that I didn’t want to end up broke, broken, or embarrassed. Those times have changed. Several years ago I started changing that. I started pushing myself to try … Continue reading

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